Eastbourne Ancestors
Eastbourne Ancestors

Eastbourne Ancestors

A story of life from the bones of the past

Eastbourne Ancestors is a project which resulted in a fascinating exhibition on display throughout 2014.

After archaeological digs, thousands of hours of scientific analysis, investigation, planning and 3D reconstruction, this ground-breaking project revealed the incredible stories of Eastbourne's Ancestors.

Funded by the Heritage Lottery Fund, this project began in 2012 and is the first time such an extensive examination has taken place on one collection in the UK.

2D & 3D Cranio-Facial Reconstructions

We were able to have extensive cranio-facial reconstructions conducted by leading UK experts for a few of the ancestors.

The video below is one of the Saxon women found buried on the site of ECAT at St Anne's Road.

Buried Treasure

Saxon Claw Beaker
Some of the people had objects either placed in the grave or worn when they were buried. These objects are known as grave goods. It could be that these 'grave goods' represented what someone did in life - swords and spears for warriors, arrows for a hunter or keys for the head of the household.
Saxon Saucer Brooch at Eastbourne Ancestors, photo by Jarrold Publishing
From the rare brooches with gems from India to the beautiful crystal spindle whorl, the treasures buried thousands of years ago can tell us even more about the people who lived here.
Recording Skeletons
We are raising money to carry out investivagations on some of the other Eastbourne Ancestors. To donate or find out more

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