Azimuth sculpture at the Redoubt Fortress
Azimuth sculpture at the Redoubt Fortress

Azimuth Sculpture in Eastbourne

Discover Stories by the Sea

Azimuth sculpture at the Redoubt Fortress

Interactive Scultpure at the Redoubt Fortress

The ‘Azimuth’ interactive sculpture uses giant sections of reclaimed sea defences, sculpted by decades of exposure to the waves, to conjure up images of long lost shipwrecks or even the ribs of a mythical sea creature.

With historical events and stories inscribed on the reclaimed wood, discover tales of life on the coast, life on the sea and be transported back hundreds of years to witness the Norman fleet sailing to Pevensey, the Spanish Armada on their way to battle the English Navy and the First World War Airships patrolling this coastline.

Azimuth can be found on the promenade by the entrance to the Redoubt Fortress.

View Our Videos to Imagine Life at Azimuth from 1066....

Norman Invasion

It's 1066, an army of over 7000 men are sailing across the channel, heading for this coastline...



Spanish Armada

May 1588, a massive fleet sailed from Lisbon, 130 ships with 2500 guns and 30,000 soldiers and sailors are bound for England...


Battle of Beachy Head

July 1690, Queen Mary ordered the English Navy to battle the vast French fleet in the English Channel. The English and Dutch ships were beaten and the channel fell into the control of the French... World War II

First World War

1915, monstrous airships built in Eastbourne silently patrolled the south coast, guarding against a growing enemy...

Second World War

Summer 1940, Britain stood alone against Hitler's seemingly unstoppable power. The Battle of Britain began and was won in the skies above...
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