Our Collections

Our Collections

Saxon Claw Beaker

From Prehistory to Present Day...

Heritage Eastbourne cares for a number of incredible collections. Some of their stories can be found in the Pavilion.

The Eastbourne collections preserve and record the stories of Eastbourne dating back millions of years.

Incredible fact: Heritage Eastbourne has over 300 skeletons in its collection

Discover... incredible objects

Uncover rare stories from Eastbourne's past and find out what makes ordinary objects so extraordinary.

Discover... stories of people

There are so many stories of people from Eastbourne including our incredible Saxon ancestors.

 Eastbourne Ancestors

Buy Prints from our Collections

Purchase prints or scans of our photography collection. Fees apply for commercial use.

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The Story of Eastbourne

The Story of Eastbourne

The Story of Eastbourne exhibition and heritage hub tells the story of Eastbourne through the eyes of the real people who lived it, as well as providing an information hub for heritage. Open Tues - Sun, 10am - 5pm

Story of Eastbourne

Town Hall Talks

Town Hall Talks

Discover the mysteries of Ancient DNA and the People of Britain, uncover the Lost Decoration of Historic Buildings and discover how, where and when humankind has got merry in our Town Hall Talks this Autumn

Town Hall Talks

Children at the Redoubt Fortress

Exclusive Tours at the Fortress in 2019!

12pm and 2pm on Saturdays and Sundays - exclusive hard hat tours of the fortress.

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