FREE weekend Tours
FREE weekend Tours

Bringing History to Life

Redoubt Fortress cannon, photo by Jarrold Publishing

A World of Discovery Awaits...

Discover over 200 years of unique history hidden within the walls of the Redoubt Fortress. 

One of the south coast's most historic landmarks, this Georgian Fortress was built to defend against Napoleon.  It continued as a working fortress for many years, also used during World Wars I & II by Military Police, Home Guard and Canadian forces.

The Redoubt Fortress is open for FREE weekend tours at 12pm and 2pm.

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Secrets of the Redoubt Revealed

Augmented Reality app at the Redoubt FortressWe are working on revealing the secrets of the fortress and the people who lived here. Everything we are uncovering can be discovered on one of our FREE weekend Tours
Children at the Redoubt Fortress

Explore the Parade Ground and Gun Platform

Let kids loose in the parade ground and take in the spectacular views from the gun platform

Explore the stories of the fortress on a weekend tour!



Fortress Facts

model of the Redoubt Fortress

From its early Napoleonic beginnings to secret WWII documents, the Redoubt has a fascinating history waiting to be discovered.

Find out more about the main features of the building and its wide ranging history with our Fortress Facts.

Fortress Facts

Visit the Redoubt Fortress

Redoubt Fortress parade ground, photo by Jarrold Publishing

Opening Times & Prices

The Redoubt Fortress reopens 23 March 2019 for pre-booked guided hard hat tours at weekends only, while the restoration works take place.

Tours must be pre-booked in advance.


Don't forget The Outpost cafe for sandwiches, cake and hot drinks open every weekend from 23 March 2019.

spooky steps of the Redoubt Fortress

FREE Weekend Tours

Join us at 12pm and 2pm on Saturdays and Sundays for exclusive hard hat tours of the fortress. Discover some of the secrets revealed by works to the building and walk in the footsteps of the faces of the fort. 

Explore the Parade Ground and Gun Platform

Getting to the Redoubt Fortress


Via Prom - Located by the beach, why not pop in through the main seafront entrance while you stroll the promenade to explore The Pavilion gardens, Azimuth sculpture and the Redoubt's parade ground.

Via Royal Parade - The Redoubt Fortress entrance from here crosses the moat with direct access to the gun platform. Please note there are a large number of steps from here to the Parade Ground.

Location: Redoubt Fortress, Royal Parade, Eastbourne BN22 7AQ